Party Package 1 – Happy Birthday Package

Mimimum of 10 Children

£7.75 per child

Deposit of £30

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Party Terms and Conditions

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Party Package 1 – Happy Birthday Package

Minimum of 10 Children

£7.75 per child

Deposit of £30

** Please bring napkins if the cake requires wrapping **

Choose from:

Hot – Pizza & Chicken Nuggets with Curls or Chips


Cold - Choice of sandwiches – Egg, Jam, Ham, Tuna Mayo, Nutella Chocolate Spread, Cheese Spread or Sliced Cheese on either White and/or Brown Bread

 *** Gluten Free/Dairy Free options are avaliable but need to be ordered before the date of the party, not on the day ***

Choose from either:

Savoury Platter (contains Cocktail Sausages, Cheese Cubes, Carrot & Cucumber Sticks)


Fruit Platter (Grapes & Strawberrys)


All party food comes with:

Jelly or Ice Cream

Both Jelly and Ice Cream

*** Vegetarian jelly will need to be requested if required before the party ***

All severed with jugs of Robinson’s no sugar Orange and Blackcurrant cordial and water.


Own Party Room

Party Hostess

Up to 2 hours of play

Party games optional – bring own prizes

Invites available to print from the website.   If they need to be printed from Monkey Magic, please check for cost.


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