**** If you feel unwell please DO NOT come to the centre. ****

Convid-19 Update

1. Are you open again?

- We have reopened but with limited hours and days, please see the homepage for this information.

2. What sort of changes could we see?

- We have limited seating capacity and numbers. We have 12 tables spaced out in the 6 feet distance and working on the 40% capacity. There is also a limited menu along with snacks and sweets.

- You will need to ring to book reservation slots (prefer 48 hours in advance and payment taken at the time of booking). We will complete the booking form which will be held for 21 days as per government rules.

- You will see changes in how food is delivered to the table, example you are required to collect your food when its ready.

- There is an area for food collection and placing used plates, cups etc.

- You will NOT be able to walk-in anymore, no reservation no entry.

- Please make sure you have downloaded the NHS Covid-19 App to also check-in with.

3. Whats the best way to contact you?

- Use the contact us part of the website as this will be the best way and to keep everything in one place would be best.

4. What can I do to to keep safe?

- Use the hand sanitisers upon entry, have the NHS app loaded and scan the QR code and have your face mask/shield ready (additional sanitisers are around the centre and in the party rooms).   As staff we will be doing the same as we don’t want to get ill and close, also wearing masks or face shields. When sat at your table you are able to remove those but when getting up from the table please put these back on. We will remind you if your not wearing it.

5. How long can I stay for?

- You have a maximum 2 hour limit per stay and if you are ordering food, you must order and eat this within that time limit.

6. Whats the age limit for the centre?

- 7 year old is the max age as our equipment is not for the older children.

7. How much is it per child?

- Please see the Prices tab at the top.