Heating issues – Back open Friday 1st Feb

Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th we will be closed due to having no heating and without the heaters it will be very cold. We are awaiting the engineer’s to come and look at the heaters and until this is done, please watch this space for updates.

** engineer has advised parts will be fitted on Thursday at the earliest opportunity and so we will not be open on Wednesday. Hoping to reopen on Friday. Parties over the weekend will go ahead as planned.

** Update Thursday 31st – Engineer has found the issues with the heater and will be in Friday 1st Feb (before we open) to fix the main heater above the toddler area but he will also be looking at the other heater which an area will be blocked off (Outside the cafe area). I would dress a little warmer just incase but fingers crossed we will be open as normal on Friday 1st Feb.
The Toddler area will be closed off for a short time while he finishes on that area so nobody gets hurt but that will repoen later in the day.

Apologise for the long delay in getting back open but we are nearly there.